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: to put off intentionally and habitually
    - Miriam Webster Dictionary
    The deadline is fast approaching; period 5 tomorrow I shall have to print this page out and hand it in for my teacher’s eyes to scrutinize. And yet I find myself texting multitudes of people, including my new boyfriend, while scrolling through pages after pages on my social networking site. That and the Halloween Wars special on Food Network is raging on my television. I’ve had three weeks with which to be working on this particular paper, the essay which is supposed to change my life.. And I have spent it partying, irish dancing and simply ignoring it. … Goodness. There I go again, texting instead of writing down what is flowing from my brain…
    It seems, instead of working, I purposely prevent myself from making any significant progress. Scroll through various blogs. Look at my own blog; it’s boring after two minutes. Read news articles about trivial subjects. Give up on the internet because my quest for something distracting is futile and pointless. Reopen the internet to google what ‘futile’ means because I forgot. Find advertisement pop-up telling me about a band I should listen to; go to iTunes and listen to said band. Download all their music whether I like it or not and add it to my iPod. Listen to said iPod; once again.. bored in two minutes. Abandon my desk to go pet my cat Blackberry (affectionately named Fatberry.) Look at the clock - it’s past ten already. Make myself a fresh cup of coffee so the other assorted mugs and glasses on my desk can have some company. Check the weather outside again, because it could miraculously stop raining any minute that I am otherwise engaged. While on the subject of weather, is it going to be warm tomorrow? I don’t know what I’m going to wear to school… Drag myself back to my desk yet again. Sit down. Stare at the blank page in front of me. Stare some more. Stare so intently that I go cross-eyed. Lay my head down on my keyboard. Look back up to find a line of mumbo-jumbo. “wgikfrehbioos;jwe/”
    I believe I let myself continue this awful cycle of doing anything but work because I never seem to learn my lesson when it comes to procrastinating. Somehow, I always end up pulling things off. My grades have always been high, my tests passed and over-all I have not found a negative to my act of proactively delaying any bit of this project. I come up with excuses after excuses. My head and neck hurts, my throat is dry (hm. Maybe time to have another sip of coffee.. Or the cup can be empty..) and I’m uncomfortable in my chair. Do you enjoy sitting and letting your bum fall asleep? No. I didn’t think so.
    There is a series of stages every procrastinator goes through. We all find false security when given a long deadline.. “It isn’t due for a while!” Then we’re just lazy.. “Maybe I should get a head start?? Nah!!!” Then the excuses. “I’m busy right now.. Just taking a short break.. See any of my above writing at all.” Then denial.. “I still have time. I don’t need to sleep.” Finally, you fall into a crisis where you promise to never procrastinate again! Until you do. Because it’s your habit, your security blanket.
    So Dear Mr Admissions Officer of the prestigious college to read through this letter, you asked me to write an essay that would let you know more about me right? Well.. I will wrap this all up in one sentence for you. Maggie, consistently finding new and innovative ways of procrastinating since 1994.. and realizing  that every time I say “I’ll not procrastinate tomorrow..” that I will invariably end up procrastinating that as well! Now that I have crammed this in, time to go finish everything else I put off. Like eating. Eating would be lovely. And then sleep so I don’t end up face first in whatever ink we’re printing with in Graphic Arts.

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